This is not Great Britain any more – we’re a joke

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At 28, I have got to a point where I simply cannot keep quiet any more – such is my concern and sheer anger at our politicians, media and the public too at our country’s terminal decline, mainly due to immigration, in my opinion.

Now before everyone labels me a bigot and racist I would like to argue my point.

Firstly, who exactly is our welfare system for? I am a little confused here, because, as I thought I understood it, we all pay into the pot as British citizens for things that we will need here in OUR country – the NHS, doctors, schools, social housing, police, transport, welfare support etc.

So why are foreign immigrants entitled to our country’s services when they don’t pay in? So either this stops altogether or we call our welfare system the International Welfare system, so there’s no confusion.

My brother has lived in the USA for two years and has landed a great job earning $45,000 per annum. Guess how long he has to wait before he is entitled to ANY benefit….10 years.

The second point and to me the most serious. This country’s once admired, gritty, honourable and respected culture, forged over hundreds of years of sacrifice, has gone.

I walk around Sheffield now and hear more often than not people talking in a foreign language. I walk around and feel like I’m the other side of the world.

It’s time the citizens of this once great nation toughened up, because I absolutely shudder to think what kind of country my kids will end up growing in.

But I’m not the only one, which is why this whole debate is such a farce.

Because unlike politicians, I talk and listen to people and we all feel the same about this, with the exception of liberals who love the idea of this country surrendering everything it has to let every Tom, Dick and Hector into the country.

The reason this immigration issue is so difficult is because it’s between two titans that made this country once great. Democracy verses British Culture. Do we adopt a truly democratic way of life and keep letting everyone in with no rules?

Or do we support our culture for a change (which to me is far more important than democracy) and start to be a bit tougher and say no to all who would come here yet make no effort to integrate?

That is for you to decide but eventually decide you must for this issue will only get worse.

My great grandfather fought in the world war, he is no longer with us god bless him. But I have to say, looking at this country today; I don’t quite know what he sacrificed his life for. Do you?

I love this country, and immigration has been a feather in our national cap – no doubt. But enough is enough. We are a tiny island race, not mainland Europe or America.

Daniel Gage