This is how generous Sheffield people are when leaving tips abroad

A top ten of the UK’s most generous cities when it comes to leaving a tip abroad have been revealed.

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 12:13 pm

And the study found that Sheffield people are among some of Britain’s best – ranking behind only Glasgow on a list of the country’s most generous places for leaving money to say thank you.

And with Glasgow and Sheffield featuring so highly, it appears to suggest stereotypes of tight-fisted Scots and penny-pinching Yorkshire folk might be a thing of the past.

Sheffield people are among some of the most generous when tipping abroad.

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The new survey of 2,000 people by currency firm Caxton FX found that overall, 7.4 per cent never tip on holiday while 13.6 per cent always do.

Cities were ranked as most to least generous, with London (13th) and Birmingham (15th) both outside the top ten.

People from Sheffield were the second most generous tippers, followed by Liverpudlians and residents of Belfast.

Nearly a fifth will add a tip if the service has been exceptional while 12.6 per cent leave tips because it is expected – but do not like doing it

Giving other reasons why some people may not give tips, Alana Parsons of Caxton FX said: ‘For some, it will come down to lack of spending money which stops them tipping staff while others who may have friends or family working in the service industry appreciate how valuable those gratuities can be.

‘A key driver for not tipping is people don’t know if tips go to the staff or just boost the profits of their employer.’

Most generous cities:

1. Glasgow

2. Sheffield

3. Liverpool

4. Belfast

5. Edinburgh

6. Manchester

7. Norwich

8. Southampton

9. Cardiff

10. Brighton.