This column writing lark’s a piece of cake

UGC Columnist Danielle Hayden
UGC Columnist Danielle Hayden
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Ok, so I’ve just realised that I may have a bit of a problem.

Here I am, trying to come up with an idea for my Star column for Wednesday, as I don’t have a clue what to write – again.

And yet, as always, the only thing I am able to think about is food.

What do I have for dinner tonight? And tomorrow? And the next day?

But when I catch myself doing it I get annoyed because I am just so greedy. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?

Just the other week I went to take a picture of something on my phone and the camera was accidentally left on ‘selfie’ mode and I caught myself off guard. Double chin in full swing as I was swallowing the remains of a triple chocolate muffin – my third one of the week – it was only Monday.

So this is when I realised that I need to stop. Maybe I have a food addiction – I hear they’re the worst kind of addiction.

I’m pretty sure that my mum and nan suffer from the same thing, so perhaps it’s hereditary?

Or maybe I don’t need to stop? I always go to the gym and make sure that I get my five-a-day. If you can’t enjoy food, what can you enjoy?

So there I was, having noticed my double chin (probably at the wrong angle, right?) and worrying that I might have to give up the thing I love the most.

But then, something amazing happened.

When covering the Sheffield Food Festival last weekend, I was invited to go and meet the people from the Sheffield Clandestine Cake Club to interview them for an article I was writing.

They had joined with the Archer project, a charity for the homeless, and baked cakes that ‘reminded them of home’ to try and help raise money for them.

What a fantastic idea.

I had a chat with a few of the women who were part of the cake club and one of the ladies, Karen Perkins, gave me a few tips.

She told me that I could eat as much cake as I wanted and that I should try all 10 of the cakes on that table – but that I must only have a thin slice of each, and save the rest for tomorrow.

So, I figured that I would write this column to spread the best piece of advice (and cake) I had ever received!