Third time unlucky as top Sheffield Lib Dem Scriven loses

Paul Scriven: Third bad result in a row.
Paul Scriven: Third bad result in a row.
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FORMER Sheffield Council leader Paul Scriven suffered his third bad election result in a row.

In 2010 he narrowly failed to become Sheffield Central MP, losing to Labour’s Paul Blomfield by just 165 votes.

And, last year, his party lost control of the council after Labour took nine of their seats.

This year, the same number of Lib Dem seats went red again, including his own.

Conceding defeat, Mr Scriven congratulated his victorious Labour challenger, Patricia Dunn.

Green candidate Bernard Little came second, pushing Mr Scriven into third place - bringing his 12 years as a councillor to a close and costing the Town Hall one of its most outspoken members.

He kept tight-lipped about his future, but said he would ‘support’ his party colleagues who remain on the council.

Mr Scriven also refused to criticise national party leader, Nick Clegg.

He said: “I had a wonderful 12 years of serving a great city and bringing a Liberal voice to the Town Hall.

“This election result is on the back of a very difficult position that the Lib Dems are having to take on a national level and I was seen as the figurehead.

“I was the big name Labour wanted to take so they could say the Lib Dems were losing in Sheffield.

“The number of Labour people flooding into Broomhill over the last few weeks was like the animals scrambling aboard Noah’s Ark - only instead of coming two by two, they arrived five by five.”

But Mr Scriven added: “What they have not been able to do is to stop the Lib Dems from being a strong and forceful opposition.

“Politics is like a tide. The tide is out for us at the moment but, when people realise that the Lib Dems in government are bringing a sense of fairness and the economy starts getting better, the tide will come back in for us.

“I would like to thank the people of this great city for giving myself and my colleagues the opportunity to lead for three years.”

Speaking about his future, Mr Scriven said: “I will now go home and have a nice cup of tea. I look forward to supporting my colleagues in the Town Hall.

“The result is a natural reaction to a mid-term Government having to make difficult decisions.

“But, if Lib Dems were not in Government, the lowest paid workers would not be taken out of paying income tax and pensions would not be rising by £5 per week.”