Third rate and unfinished roads in city

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While I welcome the work being carried out on the roads of Sheffield I will bring to your notice several instances of third-rate and unfinished roads and pavements in my travels around Sheffield.

1. Woodbourn Hill: one of the least used roads in Sheffield. No new road surface only partly finished pavements - very uneven finish.

2. Worthing Road: only partly new road surface, quite deep potholes in places, old cobbles still visible.

3. Carlisle Street: all stretches - no new road surface, pavement only partly finished and very poor workmanship. Pieces of wood and other foreign bodies showing through surface. Carlisle Street East very poor.

4. Shiregreen: not all roads and pavements re-tarmaced and no road markings. Several other areas in same condition.

R Cutts

Crowder Crescent,