Think what you are doing Mr Hunt

Having just spent two occasions with my 83-year-old husband waiting 16 hours and 12 hours to be admitted to a ward from the A&E department at the Northern General hospital, Sheffield, I felt I must write and express my concern with the National Health Service.

The A&E department was like a cattle market, mostly elderly, confused patients, made to spend up to 20 hours on trolley beds, in corridors or any space available.

The staff, doctors and nurses etc, were doing everything possible to ensure patients were fed, comfortable and kept up to date with problems.

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The hours they work cannot be conducive to good safe practice. They are only human, like all of us.

Mr Hunt, you should be doing everything possible for these young dedicated professionals, who have spent years studying for this wonderful calling to care for people.

That they have to strike to get recognition of the plight of the National Health Service is a travesty.

Please Mr Hunt, think what you are doing, we will lose all these young doctors to better conditions abroad.

Get our wonderful National Health Service back to why it was first formed: to treat all patients and staff with care and respect, regardless of status.

P Wright


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