Think of other bus users

Feet on seats
Feet on seats
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Hey kids, keep your feet of the bus seats.

I know many have no feelings to anyone else but others have to use those seats.

Do we have to sit on the nasties the shoes have underneath them?

Then again who cares?

I see this on my daily commute spread out, pop feet up.

Let’s try to think of other bus uses.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

£300 for stroke of pen

I have just been watching on TV the first of two days debate in our elected Parliament of the plethora of Amendments to the Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill, submitted by members of the unelected House of Lords.

I question the motive of some members of the Upper Chamber in their perceived desire to scupper Brexit negotiations and our March 2019 departure from the EU.

These members all have a vested interest in remaining in the EU, by means of benefitting from very lucrative pensions funded when they were MEPs and Commissioners during their term of office before elevation to the hallowed chambers of the House of Lords.

Similarly, many members have pro-European business interests.

These unelected “politicians” now have the cheek and audacity to seek to topple Brexit by submitting amendments designed to place more power with the large Remain element in the House of Commons, to enable them to have a final say/vote on any Brexit deal or a possible second referendum.

They do this in a brazen manner and with blatant disregard for the democratic will of 17.5 million Brexit voters at the national referendum – with a 1.4 million winning majority.

Their Lordships do not represent any constituency members because there are no constituencies!

They are expressing their own views and feathering their own nests as much as they can – such as just signing the attendance register – with no stipulation that they must remain in the chamber and “do some work.”

For the labour involved to wield their pen they receive £300 per day – very nice “work” if you are one of the privileged elite made up of hereditary peers, failed politicians of all parties – Neil Kinnock and Peter Mandelson to name but two – and cronies of previous outgoing prime ministers who have done nothing for their country to warrant such a reward.

Providing the Government can maintain its “bought” majority and Tory members support the government – with the notable exceptions of Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry who voted against – then the Lords amendments cannot succeed.

Every division today was won by the Government by a majority of approximately 20 votes.

What a waste of effort by taking up time which could be put to better use for the benefit of our country and its people .

A headline in the national press today is “Ignore the will of the people at your peril.”

If the Lords are foolhardy to do so they deserve to have their House razed to the ground and for them to be directed to the jobcentre to see if they can get similar jobs paying £300 for a stroke of the pen!

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Did I understand?

Just read the letter from P Gray, (June 19), and wondered if I might have misunderstood.

The thrust of the letter seems to be that people should be free to use public media for the expression of racist sentiments.

Anyone who disagrees with this is not just suppressing free speech but must accept at least partial responsibility for the grooming scandals, presumably not just in Rotherham but also in other English towns and cities.

Would that be correct?

Stephen Crowther


Workers’ dress code

It makes one wonder who came up with the dress code for council workers to attire them in bright yellow garments making them stand out from the crowd.

For what? All they needed is a reflective waterproof jacket to go about their daily task safely.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

Before it’s too late

Editor Nancy Fielder says it’s up to us to save Doncaster town centre after the closure of House of Fraser.

Imagine a time when there could be no shops left in town centres in which to browse?

In this modern life there are so many demands on our time and money.

It’s easy to see why shopping online has taken over from going to the high street.

Are we destined to become a nation of zombies sitting at home doing our shopping?

People need people, and with higher than ever figures for anxiety, depression and loneliness, the importance of shopping is clear.

It helps to get people out of the house and talking to each other.

Also, it’s not a level playing field for town centre shops. High rent and rates, and parking charges contribute to drive customers away.

In contrast, online retailers pay less tax, and have little or no overheads!

There are also so many other places to shop – some people only visit their supermarket as they can get ‘everything’ they need there, or out-of-town shopping areas offer free parking which is a major attraction.

People only have so much money, they cannot spend it everywhere.

Doncaster council and the Frenchgate shopping centre need to be aware of the need for cheaper, or free car parking, and help to assist in bringing down rent and rates.

We enjoy meeting people in our store, it is nice to have time for people and help them with their shopping experience.

We are an independent retailer trading in Doncaster for more than a hundred years, and we have seen many changes, but it is clear now that it is mainly us who can make a difference.

We must go out and see how much our town centre still has to offer, before it’s too late.

Sarah Jones

Gregorys Leather Ltd. Unit 59, 6 West Mall Gallery, Frenchgate Centre, Doncaster, DN1