Things we lose from higher fees

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I HAVE no right to complain about people with money having the ability to buy flash cars, big houses and expensive jewellery. They’ve earned it.

But I’m outraged that people with money can buy good education and health care.

Some may take the view that what I say next is stupid, but I have to be honest: I hope that £9,000 tuition fees will deter students from going to university because until that happens governments won’t know the consequence of their actions: cities losing student life and income, a shortage of bright and intelligent professional staff for the next generation.

My heart bleeds for students who aren’t ‘poor’ but whose parents are on a tight budget and who just can’t help their children.

Raising fees won’t deter those with money, even if they don’t have the ability to get good marks. Universities will snatch them up simply because they are starved of money.