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One person wants troops “let loose”. Would that be with baseball bats, guns, or just boots and bare fists?

Another suggests concentrating all migrants in one place - you might call it a “camp” - which, like Guantanamo, would be conveniently off-shore, away from public scrutiny and the rule of law.

Not long ago, a reader suggested pumping exhaust fumes into the backs of lorries - does gassing people you don’t like in enclosed spaces remind you of anything?

Anyone who dislikes these comparisons has an easy way out: disbelief.

After all, if you’re a Christian fleeing persecution in Eritrea, then if you can dodge al-Shabaab in Somalia and avoid kidnap for ransom in Sudan, you might reach a haven of democracy and tolerance such as Yemen, Egypt or Libya.

No need to board a leaky dinghy and risk being drowned or murdered.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35