Thieves target unlocked cars

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Motorists across South Yorkshire are being warned to ensure their cars are locked after a spate of break-ins in Cudworth, Barnsley.

Three unlocked cars have been targeted by thieves in the last two days.

The first incident was reported at around 8am on Wednesday, December 3, after a car was targeted over night from Tuesday into Wednesday in Newton Avenue, Cudworth.

A Satnav and other electrical items were taken.

In the second incident a purse was taken from a car parked on Emsley Avenue between 10.30pm on Tuesday, December 2 and 7.50am on Wednesday 3.

At 8.40am the same day an attempted theft was reported in Orchard Place.

A car was searched while parked in the driveway but no valuables were taken.

Detective Inspector Gary Askew said: “Thieves operate very fast and an unlocked car makes their job so much easier.

“Always securing you car will ensure that you are not to giving thieves the opportunity to act.

“Make sure that you remove the valuables from your vehicles or at least take them from display and that you always check if the vehicle is properly locked.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said community support officers would be patrolling the area.

Crime prevention advice will be offered the owners of vehicles whose cars are found to be unlocked.

Anyone with information about any of the incidents, should call police on 101 quoting incident number 168 of December 3.