Thieves 'ram-raid' boathouse leading to cancellation of Doncaster summer gala

Thieves ram-raided a boathouse in a Doncaster village in the early hours of this morning, which, along with the wet weather, has led to the cancellation of a summer gala/

Saturday, 10th June 2017, 11:40 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 2:58 pm
The scene at Askern boathouse, following this morning's raid

Askern boathouse was targeted by thieves at around midnight last night, who are believed to have rammed the building using a 4x4 vehicle.

Mayor to Askern Town Council, Coun Francis Jackson, says the thieves made away with a strimmer worth £150, and around £4,000 damage was caused in the raid.

Around 4,000 of damage is believed to have been caused in the raid

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He said: "It was done using the front bars on a 4x4. We know this because a member of the public, who was walking near to the lake at the time, kindly called the police.

"Unfortunately, they've caused £4,000 of damage. But they could only access it through the pedestrian entrance, and in doing so the only thing they were able to get was a strimmer worth £150.

"I just don't understand the mentality of these people. They've done all of that for a strimmer. They'll probably be able to sell it for £20.

"Now they've accessed it they know exactly what's in there, so we're going to have to change a few things as well now."

Around 4,000 of damage is believed to have been caused in the raid

The gala was due to be held at Askern Lakeside today, but Coun Jackson says the town council have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel it as a result of the raid and the wet weather - which is forecast to last for the rest of the day.

He said: "We want to apologise to members of the community who will be disappointed by this - and we're disappointed too.

"But the wet weather means it wouldn't be safe to have lots of members of the public on the grass in case someone slips and falls."

Coun Jackson says South Yorkshire Police are investigating the incident at the boathouse, and urges anyone with any information to call the force on 101, quoting incident number A750452017 of June 10, 2017.