Thieves branded 'scumbags' for stealing from Sheffield cemetery

Do you know who stole these flagstones?
Do you know who stole these flagstones?
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Thieves have been criticised for stealing flagstones from a Sheffield cemetery.

They struck at Sheffield General Cemetery in Sharrow overnight, with a number of flagstones taken from close to the steps leading to Stalker Walk.

Flagstones have been stolen from a Sheffield cemetery

Flagstones have been stolen from a Sheffield cemetery

The theft was discovered this morning.

A post on the cemetery's Facebook page describes the theft as 'awful'.

It reads: "We are saddened to discover this morning that several large flagstones have been stolen from the cemetery grounds overnight, close to the steps to Stalker Walk.

"Please let us know if you saw anything suspicious yesterday evening, perhaps a van being loaded up at the Gatehouse entrance?

"How awful to steal from a cemetery."

Posting on Facebook, Andrina Hardcastle, said the thieves have 'absolutely no shame, no scruples, no feelings'.

Gary Wayne Mellor added: "Just how low can some people go? It beggars belief."

Arron Woolley and Elaine Anderson both described the thieves as 'scumbags'.

Allen Broomhead said stealing from a cemetery was 'unbelievable'.

The cemetery was used between 1836 and 1978 before becoming overgrown and neglected over the years.

In 1980 Sheffield Council gained permission to clear 800 gravestones to create a recreation area as part of a drive to create more green spaces in the city.

The Friends of the General Cemetery Trust was formed in 1989 and runs education tours and workshops, carries out conservation work and research on the cemetery and those buried there.

It is also restoring the listed chapel at the cemetery.

A police investigation into the theft of the flagstones is underway.

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.