Thief is stopped by security trying to leave Tesco with unpaid goods

A drug-troubled thief has revealed that she is at a loss as to why she stole goods from a 24-hour Tesco store.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Tuesday, August 29, how Sheryl Ann Brown, 49, of Derby Road, Birdholme, Chesterfield, concealed items in a bag and attempted to walk out of the store on Lockoford Lane, Chesterfield, without paying for them.

Prosecuting solicitor Rod Chapman said: “It was late in the evening and Sheryl Brown entered the 24-hour Tesco store and she was observed by security staff selecting a number of items from shelves and instead of putting them in a basket or trolley she put them in her own bag.

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“She went to the check-outs and paid for a small amount of items but not the items in her bag and she then passed the points of payment and was detained by security staff and police were called.”

Brown told police she had gone to the Tesco Extra to get food shopping and she paid for four bottles of milk shake but left without paying for the items in her bag and she knew this was theft.

She added that she was unsure why she had stolen the goods because she did have the money to pay for them.

Jobless Brown, who is on benefits, explained to police that she had not been feeling herself of late and she apologised for committing the offence.

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The defendant, who has previously been in court ten times for 18 individual offences including theft and similar matters, pleaded guilty to the latest theft of goods valued at £13.80 which happened on August 10.

Defence solicitor John Wilford said Brown has had a heroin addiction but says she has overcome that but she does have a problem as far as cocaine is concerned.

He added: “She is at a loss why she did this because she made a decision not to pay for some of the items.”

Magistrates adjourned the case until Tuesday, September 5, to consider a probation report after learning Brown was also still subject to a conditional discharge which had been imposed in February for a theft from Boots.

Brown was released on unconditional bail until her next hearing when she is expected to be sentenced.