Thief branded 'the lowest of the low' for stealing from cancer hospital in Sheffield

Weston Park Hospital
Weston Park Hospital
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A thief is being hunted for stealing cash from Sheffield's specialist cancer hospital.

The crook stole the contents of a cash donation point based in the reception of Weston Park Hospital over the weekend.

A spokeswoman for the Weston Park Cancer charity, which raises money for the hospital, said: "Incredibly disheartening news to arrive back to on a Monday morning that over the weekend our Westie coin collector located here in the reception of Weston Park Hospital was broken into and the contents stolen. What a sad state of affairs."

It is not known how much was in the collection point when it was broken into.

The theft has been condemned by supporters of the cancer charity and hospital.

Posting on the charity's Facebook page, Kathie Taylor-Atkins said: "Stealing from a hospital that relies on the generous donations of others - usually affected by cancer - there are no words."

Peter Allen posted: "Makes my blood boil. To think good people work hard to raise this money then someone thinks they have the right to take it. Absolutely seething."

Gill Chris added: "Horrible world we live in. I hope these monsters never have to go through cancer."

Chelsea Procter said: "How can anyone stoop this low? To actually walk into the hospital where people are fighting for their life and steal from them."

Ailsa Franklin described the theft as 'appalling'

Denise Shaw Crapper branded the thief the 'lowest of the low'.

Joanna Revill said: "How do they sleep at night? Absolute scum of the earth."

The Weston Park Cancer Charity said seven people ran the London marathon to boost funds over the weekend, a tea party raised £700 and one supporter asked for donations for the charity instead presents for their 75th birthday.

The charity spokeswoman added: "Thank you to our wonderful supporters who restore our faith in humanity everyday."

Anyone with information about the theft should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.