They won’t empty family’s heavy bin

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ON bin collection day, my black bin was refused collection as it was deemed too heavy. I had put waste in from Kier workmen who did plastering over a month ago but still had not collected the waste.

When I rang to explain, I was told my bin would not be emptied this week and if it was still the same next week they would not empty it again.

We are a family of four with two disabled children. One of them is not toilet trained so we use nappies, which will smell if left for long. I was told to take my rubbish to the nearest rubbish tip. I’m sure I would struggle with public transport or a taxi to get rid of my waste as I don’t drive.

I enquired about a bigger bin as when fortnightly collections start I worry my bin will be too heavy and will never get emptied. I was told we do not qualify for a bigger bin, I explained my family always recycle but we will struggle with the black bin. I was told I will have to use the rubbish tip. I’m going to work out the percentage that comes out of my council tax for waste disposal, hold that payment back and use the money for bus trips and taxis to get rid of rubbish. Is this an insight of things to come with fortnightly bin collections?

Name, address supplied

I read the comments by Coun Jack Scott that householders should look out for a leaflet regarding bin collection day. I assume this is the same Jack Scott that hasn’t kept an eye on his emails, or perhaps I might have received a reply from the two I sent him?

I mention the council’s online enquiries system. I received a reply, that an individual officer may want to reply to my enquiry, regarding larger black bins, directly. I assume Andrew France does not check his emails on a regular basis either.

I support the council’s mission to protect ‘essential’ services, but when asked how I make a full weekly black bin, with full blue bins and boxes, last a fortnight, I expect someone to proffer guidance, which they have not.

Disgruntled of S12