They’ve ruined the approach to Sheffield

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Further to Michael Stone’s letter, I also found Prof Rotherham’s article very informative.

The roadworks scheme in the area was first proposed during the tenure of the Lib Dems. We received a letter informing us of the works to be carried out. From memory, these included alterations to the junction of Dyche Lane and Bochum Parkway (since completed), the filling in of the underpass by the shops at the top of Meadowhead, alterations to the road layout at the top of Greenhill Avenue and the reshaping of the roundabout.

We were assured that the work on the roundabout would result in the loss of only one tree. Now that the trees in the centre have been felled, I would be interested to know if the contractors also propose to fell all the trees down the centre of the dual carriageway, further ruining the approach to Sheffield.

C Hague

Batemoor Road