They’ve earned their pleasures

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How dare Mick Ibbotson insult pensioners by making them out to be freeloaders? Pensioners are mostly people who worked all their lives, paid astronomical amounts of taxes and earned the right to the pittance they are insulted with every week.

They come from a generation who did not have everything on a plate.

The lunch clubs he speaks of are probably the only outing some get. Without things such as this some pensioners could go days on end without seeing another human being. Does he want to begrudge them these small privileges?

I think Mr Ibbotson should do more research into what is draining this country dry. Every pensioner will find his comments offensive and disrespectful. I don’t know his age, but he will be a pensioner one day and might need a little help. Would he then turn down his bus pass?

How embittered must a person be to want to deny elderly people who have worked all their lives the few pleasures they receive?

BW, S10