They’ve a nerve to want to be in the credits

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WHY oh why is it that virtually every documentary, nature or factual programme, has to be spoiled by the constant intrusive and discordant so-called ‘background music?’

Seldom is this in keeping with the subject matter. It is mostly pitched several decibels above the voice level of the narrator, resulting in much of the commentary being missed.

Often sub-titles are not available and so it is not possible to turn off the sound and follow the discourse by reading the words on the screen.

As such programmes are intended to educate and instruct, surely the makers must be aware that much of the whole purpose is lost by such distractions.

And so I can only conclude that this is now a legal requirement, probably as a result of Luddite enforcement by the Musicians Unions when talkies came into being and threatened to bring an end to their employment by supplying mood music for the silent movies.

Little of such output appears to have any musical merit, in my view.

So it makes me wonder why the perpetrators of this music have the nerve to want to appear in the credits to the programmes!

Dave Froggatt, Killamarsh