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I’m sorry Matthew Hobson has to “endure people from other lands struggling to conform to our culture”, (Star Letter, September 21).

He also reports that “if you walk from Firth Park, down to Page Hall, up Burngreave Road to Spital Hill and down through the Wicker to Waingate you will rarely hear a word of English”.

I don’t live near that area but, driving through Page Hall recently I lost my way.

I was helped by an Asian man, in English, of course.

My guess is that if Mr Hobson had to speak to one of what he sees as cultural misfits he would get a reply in English.

Many of these Asians speak at least two languages, including English.

Does he expect them to speak to each other in their second language, good as it may be.

Your correspondent speaks disparagingly about “mini ghettos”.

Many of the world’s great cities have ethnic minority quarters, notably New York’s Chinatown.

Perhaps it is a measure of Sheffield’s stature that it is able to attract different cultures.

Brian Sheridan

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