They just snipe

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Coun Leigh Bramall’s letter made interesting reading. It’s just a pity that we still don’t know what his party, Labour, would actually do when faced with the budget cuts the city has to deal with as a result of the previous government’s ‘management’ of the economy. There would be little need for him (or any Labour supporter) to write about the Lib Dems’ cuts had his party published an alternative budget. As it is they just snipe at the party in power without presenting voters with either undisputable facts or their true intentions. The electorate would like to know.

DS Dalton, Westland Gdns, S20

If it wasn’t for Coun Paul Scriven forcing Sheffielders to have blue boxes when most of us didn’t want them, it wouldn’t be costing ratepayers thousands of pounds for alterations to bin lorries. So don’t blame Veolia. The fault lies with the Lib Dems.

Wayne Howarth, S14