They failed

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Here we go again. Andrew S Robertson attempting to defend Labour’s terrible record in government.

Labour were completely at fault for the financial crisis, not the banks and not the wider world conditions. Labour had a responsibility to us, the citizens of the UK, to ensure that the country was prepared for any eventuality, including a financial crisis - foreseen or otherwise. They failed spectacularly! After all the years of growth how much was set aside to protect us from a slump that was inevitable? Answer - nothing. Gordon Brown, aided and abetted by his sidekicks The Two Ronnies - sorry the two Eds - promised no more boom and bust - ha! As for George Osborne running up more debt, what did anyone expect? With only a note from Liam Byrne (another Labour comedian) saying there was no money left, the Chancellor had to somehow reduce the massive deficit left by Labour. This he has done by 50 per cent. If he had listened to Labour we would have been spending more and running up even more debt. Remember how Ed Milliband admired Hollonde in France.?They have tried tax and spend and look what has happened to the economy and unemployment rates. If Labour and the SNP get in this time just watch the deficit and debt levels accelerate.