They don’t want any change

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A UNION official, commenting on the protest marches during the Lib Dem conference, said: “Breaking a window or occupying buildings is not violence.”

So, it’s OK for it to happen at his home, then? I think not.

They have played their last disgusting card against Nick Clegg. Forgemasters have had no redundancies, they have plenty of orders. My brother works there.

Though Clegg didn’t want student fees to rise, it was voted through by the Commons. It’s called democracy.

Here’s the most horrific issue to come out of this: my daughter, aged 10, and four friends were told by their teacher to support the students in their attack on Nick Clegg in the city centre.

Is she mad? I wouldn’t allow her, or her friends, to visit the city at any time without me or other adults. This teacher was more concerned with her spite than their safety. My son, 13, was also asked if he and anyone else would go to protest.

I learned of a couple who both work at the Town Hall. They’ve had more sick days with pay than I draw wages.

No wonder they don’t want change.

MS, Sheffield