These Sheffield students came up with hilarious new way of getting down West StreetÂ

It's been almost impossible to miss but, in case you haven't noticed, the students are well and truly back in Sheffield.Â

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 9:08 am
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 8:31 pm
Students on West Street - Credit: Robert Wellington

Fresh-faced students began flooding back to the city last week, some arriving in Sheffield for the very first time. 

The pubs, clubs and bars have been packed to the rafters as they enjoy Freshers Week; meeting new friends and spending their student loan. 

But, as anyone who has been a student knows, money is often tight. 

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Students on West Street - Credit: Robert Wellington

This means getting around the city is often done by foot with UBER journeys only usually saved for those all important nights out. 

It seems though, that's not the case for these two students as they found an ingenious new way of getting down West Street. 

Robert Wellington caught these two students travelling down one of Sheffield's busiest streets in, what appears to be, a modified bumper car.

The two students head down past Pizza Hut and Walkabout as a van and bicycle pass them on the left hand side. 

They then casually move into the right hand lane, go through a red light and head down Carver Street. 

While definitely not road legal, this mode of transport could have come in handy for many motorists on Saturday when they were stuck in gridlock. 

Sheffield city centre was hit with huge traffic jams on Saturday with The Blades playing at home and students returning to the city. 

Furious motorists took to social media to share their travel frustrations.  

James Shield said: 'Ridiculous traffic. One hour from the station to the Royal Standard pub. If we can put a man on the moon, Surely it's possible to ensure student 'moving in' day and a football match don't clash?'

Ken Vooght said: 'Took us 50 mins to Parkway from Newark then about same to get past Station - city at a standstill!'

Whilst another Twitter user added: 'Traffic in Sheffield city centre today was horrendous. 'A usual 10/15 minute journey took me 100 mins including half an hour sat still in the middle of a gridlocked roundabout. Just want to thank the amazing @syptweet for helping me, amongst many, out of it.'