These people do not represent me and others

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The people of Sheffield are the leaders and it is this often forgotten relationship between public servants and the public that cause so many of our problems today.

Let’s start with the council which is headed by Julie Dore. The councillors of Sheffield are not my leaders, Julie Dore’s entire collection of red ribbon-wearing councillors are my servants. It is their place to follow my wishes and the wishes of average everyday Sheffielders, it is not the other way around.

The average Sheffielder is sick of how Sheffield is being run, hence the huge amount of anger and apathy from the people of Sheffield.

Paul Blomfield is not my leader, he is also my servant and he does not have the right to call people that disagree with the devastating effects of immigration that Sheffield has endured racist, neither does he possess the right to call members of the EDL fascist, especially when standing along side Unite Against Fascism, whose members are alleged to have desecrated floral tributes to murdered soldier Lee Rigby in London in 2013.

This is Sheffield and it is a part of Britain, we are free people and we have a right to protest.

It has to be understood that for every hair-brained leftist action Sheffield City Council come up with there will be an equal action from the right.

That is Newton’s Third Law, it cannot be escaped.

LS Sheffield

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