These match officials seem to be a law unto themselves

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Having watched Match of the Day followed by the Football League Show on Saturday, August 16, I have to say that I am still scratching my head at the number of baffling decisions that were made at different games shown by our supposedly top flight match officials.

Whilst Sheffield Premier League referee Craig Pawson was not the only one on the day to drop a clanger he needs to stand up and be counted, explaining to the media why he awarded a ridiculous second half penalty kick to Queen’s Park Rangers in their home game with Hull City. The ball clearly hit the Hull defender on part of his chest, thankfully justice was done with the Rangers player missing from the spot and the away team went on to win the game. While Mr Pawson made an honest decision he clearly got it all wrong and in my opinion he should now have the bottle to stand up and say so and apologise.

The top hierarchy in charge of our match game officials in this country along with the Football Association keep calling out for respect. While I have no argument with that call I believe they need to get their own house in order first. Instructions need to be given to the man in the middle and his assistants where controversial decisions have been made to publicly explain after a game to the media that it appears that they got it wrong.

To help them get things right as in other professional sports modern technology should also be used which would greatly help clear the air and rectify mistakes which in turn would restore respect.

The way things are being allowed to carry on there is little wonder season after season managers, coaches, players and supporters are seen pulling their hair out. The general consensus of opinion of football supporters that I talk to is that these match officials are a law to themselves.

John Yale

Henry Street, High Green