These are the secret Netflix codes you need to unlock ALL the Christmas moviesÂ

Christmas always means spending time with family and friends, enjoying amazing food, drink and, of course, festive films.Â

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13 November, 2018, 10:52

Gone are the days of just accepting the Christmas films on terrestrial TV though as Netflix has a whole host of movies you can stream. 

The Princess Switch, The Christmas Chronicles and A Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding will all be available on the streaming service in December but they're not the only ones available. 

Netflix iPad

There's a whole host of Christmas films available on Netflix and there's a secret way of getting to them all. 

Netflix has lots of hidden codes that let you access specific film categories and these can be accessed by making a minor tweak to the URL on your computer. 

Simply type the URL: 

Then replace INSERTNUMBER with the appropriate code you want. 

These can be anything from Goofy Christmas Children & Family Films (1475071) to Christmas Children & Family Films from the 1990s (1476024). 

These are the Christmas movie codes you should know:

Christmas Children & Family Films '“1474017.

Romantic Christmas Films '“ 1394527.

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Family-friendly Christmas Films '“ 1394522.

Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 11 to 12 '“ 1477206

Feel-good Christmas Children & Family Films '“ 1475066

Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 5 to 7 '“ 1477201

Goofy Christmas Children & Family Films '“ 1475071

Christmas Children & Family Films from the 1990s '“ 1476024

British Christmas Children & Family Films '“1527064

Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 8 to 10 '“ 1477204

European Christmas Children & Family Films '“ 1527063

Canadian Christmas Children & Family Films '“ 1721544

If you're using Netflix on the TV, then just type the exact genre name into the search bar to unlock these genres.