These are the rules you MUST follow inside Sheffield's first cat café

Cats inside Tabby Teas (s)
Cats inside Tabby Teas (s)
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Sheffield's first cat café is set to open its doors to excited customers on Friday, but they will have to remember a number of rules.

Tabby Teas Cat Café will officially open tomorrow after announcing its exciting arrival in Sheffield back in March.

The café will be opened by Charlotte Pickering and her partner Michael Leviston with the couple having already re-homed 10 cats from Mill House Animal Sanctuary.

Customers can now book in for a slot at the café on their website but Charlotte said it is important that visitors remember the rules.

She said: "People are visiting the cats' home so just treat it as if you would inside their home.

"The cats take priority and we don't want people to upset them. If someone came along and started hurting them even if it's by accident it might trigger something with the cat.

"They are all rescue animals and we want to make sure people understand the rules. There are a lot of things we don't allow.

"Such as, if the cats are asleep then this is their rest time. Cats also don't like getting picked up, they will come to you if they want to."

The cat café has published a list of rules on its website; urging customers not to pick up the cats or wake sleeping cats.

Tabby Teas has also forbidden running, loud noises, high heeled shoes and flash photography.

Charlotte said some customers have complained about the café banning children under the age of 10 from opening but she said she has to put the animals' welfare first.

She said: "This isn't a petting zoo. There have been some people who aren't happy about the age restriction but we want it to be a chillled out place.

"If people do anything outside of the rules then we will ban them and send them out straight away as we need to make sure the cats are happy.

"Thankfully most people will understand that. Obviously we won't send people out for waking up a cat but the rules are going to take some getting used to."

Customers have been reminded that only cat handlers can move the animals from seats or tables and the cats are not allowed food intended for humans.

Charlotte said she is excited for the restaurant to open but admitted she is still nervous.

She said: "It was three years ago when we first launched the idea. We loved animals and just thought it would be our dream job.

The response has been great. We've had a lot of responses from people asking how it's all going but it's not always been an easy journey.

"Even now there are still health and safety things that we are finding out about. There's not many in the country and there's a lot of things that can stop you from opening."

Read the rest of the rules here.