These are some of the aircraft you could see in the Mi Amigo tribute flypast over Endcliffe Park

Anticipation is building ahead of the special flypast over Endcliffe Park in Sheffield on Friday morning.

Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 13:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 13:22 pm
Getty Images

Here are some of the aircraft that are expected to take part in the flypast to mark the 75th anniversary of the Mi Amigo tragedy.

The flypast is taking place the mark the 75th anniversary of the crash of Mi Amigo with the loss of 10 crew on February 22 1944
The air superiority fighter aircraft was introduced in 1976 and is still in service today. (Getty Images)
This unusual looking aircraft is able to take off vertically. (Getty Images)

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The Typhoon is the world's most enhanced combate aircraft. (Getty Images)
Tony Foulds has long campaigned for the flypast to take place
The V-22 Osprey is one of the most distinctive aircraft on the planet. (getty Images)
An RAF Typhoon also took part in a flypast over Derwent resorvoir to mark the anniversary of the daring Dambusters mission in World War Two. (Getty Images)
The vintage aircraft was introduced to service in 1936. A Dakota is expected to take part in Friday's flypast
It is believed the huge refuelling aircraft may take part in the flypast. (Getty Images)
The aircraft which crashed in Endcliffe Park on February 22 1944 was a B-17 Flying Fortress. Also a numbder of these aircraft are still flying it is not expected to feature in Friday's flypast. (Getty Images)
The impressive F-15 will be one of the star's of Friday's show. (Getty Images)
The main field in Endcliffe Park will be best place from which to view the spectacle