There will be pain to come

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THERE’S no pain without gain and the message to residents and motorists is that the £2bn road resurfacing scheme will not come without its problems.

But we can’t have our cake and eat it.

Our roads are in a parlous state. We have the self-proclaimed ignominious title of the pot-hole capital of the country and anyone travelling on our roads will know why.

It has been a fantastic achievement to win the funding and the contract to completely resurface all of our roads, redress the pavements and put in new street furniture.

There will be no other city that will have a road system like ours or indeed maintained to that standard for the next 20 years.

But to get to that stage will mean inconvenience.

So it is appropriate that Coun Jack Scott makes it clear what residents can expect and to ask for their understanding.

The council will get that understanding so long as it communicates well and listens to residents, where possible accommodating their needs.

This is a project that will survive by good partnership. We look forward to a smooth ride.

Every one a winner

WE can’t all be champions.

There are countless reasons - health, genes, physical strength, opportunities - why most of us could never give Usain Bolt a run for his money no matter how hard we trained.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy sport and benefit from exercise and fresh air. That’s why it is fantastic news that four relatively unsung local sports clubs have been awarded a share of £20m Olympic legacy funding.

Cricketers, anglers, rugby union players and members of Oughtibridge War Memorial Sports Club all have their moment of glory. That’s what we call playing the game.

Memory garden

EVERYTHING in the Bluebell Wood garden is lovely after a visit from TV star Alan Titchmarsh.

The affable host of Love Your Garden made a surprise visit to the Children’s Hospice in North Anston and spent two days transforming neighbouring marshland into a tranquil haven for families.

The riverbed-themed ‘memory garden’ will be shown in the final episode of the series. It should be worth watching as volunteers toil to create a place where families can celebrate their child, not mourn them. A true labour of love.