There’s still time to stop this madness

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As a lifelong resident of Greasbro Road in Tinsley I would like to state that the majority of the residents do not wish to move, not because they won’t, because they can’t.

We are horrified that our street is being considered for demolition to make way for HS2. We are not against change or economic growth but we have to look at things in a practical and realistic way.

Although the houses we live in are not considered at the high end of the property scale, we are happy here. If these houses are demolished it will be virtually impossible for many residents to purchase another house of equal size and number of bedrooms with the money they may get from any compulsory purchase or, if they are eligible, the Exceptional Hardship Scheme the Government is introducing.

Other houses in this area are priced around £180,000, way out of reach for most residents and more than the value of their Greasbro Road homes.

So how are the residents able to relocate if their homes are demolished? Are they supposed to get into debt?

Some may not be able to get mortgages. But then why should people get into debt so that HS2 can be built? What about the elderly, what are they supposed to do? What about the unemployed? How are they supposed to subsidise the Government?

These are many of the questions that no-one has answered.

All we hear are the benefits HS2 is going to bring to everyone.

Clive Betts, our local MP, who cannot even spell our street name correctly, is heavily in favour of HS2.

On his basic salary of £65,738 he will have no problem in moving if ever the HS2 is re-routed past his farmhouse in Derbyshire.

There have been many occasions where we (the residents) could have moved but due to economic or family ties we didn’t.

Many residents have extended families living on the street, so it would have been difficult to move because there are many advantages having family and friends nearby.

There has to be a more viable alternative rather than spending billions on HS2. There is still time to stop this madness. We say no to HS2!

N Din, resident of Greasbro Road