There's nothing fishy about rescued Sheffield goldfish Frankie's new home

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A Good Samaritan who noticed something fishy and out of 'plaice' on a Sheffield street took matters into his own hands.

Dave Gautier saw a post on Facebook that a gold fish had been left outside a property in Hillsborough, on Tuesday.

Frankie in his new home.

Frankie in his new home.

And, after the fish remained in the dirty tank two days later, he decided to carry out his own rescue mission and seize the fish.

Dave said: "My daughter saw it on Facebook and asked me what we could do about it. I called the RSPCA and they said they had never had rescue fish.

"I went up to the fish and the tank was so disgusting that you couldn't even see the fish at first. The tank was on a sofa and all the water was green and clearly hadn't been cleaned."

Dave said he took the fish, which he has named Frankie, to Jollye's pet store on Meadowhall Retail Park, where he got a new tank and food.

The tank that Frankie was left in.

The tank that Frankie was left in.

He said: "When we first fed it, I don't think it realised that the flakes were food but as soon it noticed them they'd all gone.

"I am really proud that my daughter saw the post and actually decided to do something about it."

Dave said Frankie was now being kept by her daughter and was 'recovering well'.