There’s a c-art to selling ice-cream

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THIS colourful ice cream cart could soon become a regular sight on the streets of Doncaster once again.

Owner David Pritchard reckons he is going to take the cart - which looks like a work of art - out and about to sell ice cream again, after having initially planned to sell it.

Enthusiasts came from as far away as the United States to bid in an auction for his vintage-style horsedrawn ice cream cart, but no-one was prepared to go beyond the reserve price.

But David, who farms at Wyndthorpe Hall Farm in Dunsville, is philosophical about the outcome and has decided to bide his time until the weather warms up.

The cart was built over a period of about 17 years by Intake man Alan Nicholls after his retirement from farm work, and is unique because it features in its canopy hand-painted scenes of old Doncaster.

David commissioned the wooden vehicle and has occasionally used it to sell homemade ice cream from his farm gate on Dunsville High Street.

But times are hard in the agricultural world, and he decided to try to capitalise on his special asset.

“It’s been a bad year for farming and we’ve not had a great yield of corn,” he said. “I need money to pay for the barley to feed my cows over the winter, so I thought we could auction the cart.”

David travelled down to Berkshire yesterday to attend the auction but, despite strong interest, the bids failed to reach the reserve price, which he does not wish to disclose.

“I think it’s because the economy is very low at the moment,” he said. “So I have decided to keep it. I’ll probably be using it for selling ice cream again next Spring.

“It was only used over the past couple of years since Alan finished it and I took it outside the Mansion House one day.

“Alan accepted my decision to sell because he realises our crops have not been very good this summer.

“There were quite a few bids, including from some Americans, but I’ll be

having it brought home now.”

David has made ice cream as a sideline for many years and his small claim to fame in the frozen dairy world is to have been the last man in Britain to sell an ice cream from a cart in the 20th century.

“I took my horse and cart out on December 31, 1999, and sold an ice cream in Alexandra Road, Balby, at 3.10pm just before it got dark so I’m sure no-one would have been able to sell one any later.”

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