There is a life after football no matter how Brazil feels today

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As I watched the World Cup semi-final match between the host country Brazil and Germany and saw how Germany humiliated Brazil with a surreal score of seven goals to one, my mind went back to July 1954, six decades ago when the Germans from then Western Germany in a spectacular display of excellence won the World Cup trophy for the first time in their history.

Germany were the underdogs in that final played at Berne againstHungary. Germany surprised the world by beating the favourites, Hungary, which fielded a team which included the legendary Ferenc Puskas then arguably the greatest footballer on our planet.

At half-time the score was Hungary two, Germany nil and Hungary supporters had started victory celebrations, but Germany never gave up. With the hardiness and characteristic efficiency ingrained in their DNA the Germans came from behind and won the final by three goals to two.

At home, Germany was in ecstasy of rapture and Hungary was distraught with disbelief about their defeat.

Reporting in one of the local newspapers in Nigeria, a correspondent concluded that Hungary had no alibi for it’s defeat, because “the Germans were tough”.

The same can be said of the German team which inflicted a humiliating defeat on Brazil. Germany had a team that was definitely better than that of Brazil.There have been many surprises at this World Cup.

Ghana drew 2-2 with this wonderful German team and could have won.

They even led by two goals to one, and Germany had to come from behind. The imponderables of 2014 World Cup of wonders may not be over yet.

Brazil should take heart and realise that there is in fact life after football, that there is even life without football.

Adelola Adeloye