There are serious failings in the supportive services

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How very sad to read, after the tragic loss of her husband, that Maureen Greaves should be a mugging victim. I think we are all moved by Maureen’s spirit of hope and thoroughly admire her positive outlook.

I read the Star’s quote, “..she said she hoped the former drug user would get the help she needed, adding: “I am pleased this went to court because it means she will get some help”.

Having worked in services that are responsible for delivering the care Maureen expects, I am sorry to reveal that the unfortunate individual did not get the help prior to the crime and is unlikely to in the future.

The outlook for this individual is not optimistic and it is crucial that citizens are aware of the serious failings in supportive services.

I urge people not to vote Conservative or Labour next year, as you are voting for millionaires who follow the banks’ lead, and despite best intentions, have absolutely no idea what life is like in Chapeltown. I shan’t advise people not to vote Liberal Democrat, as no-one will.

Governments over the past decades seem to regard this crime’s victim’s and perpetrator’s predicament as an acceptable price to pay.

Jeremy Hunt’s assurances that the NHS delivery is adequate and of quality is not evidence-based, and the Government plan to privatise Probation Services should ring alarm bells.

We either pursue a trail of sadness, or we invest in a cost-effective solution.

Yes, we all accept we need to save money, but we have to invest heavily now in order to establish a structure that minimises future investment.

Or, the banks’ pressure not to invest continues so that similar crimes continue, encouraging people not to trust each other.

Name and address withheld, due to professional confidence