Is this their best work?

The SCC Streets Ahead project, (I call it that rather than a programme as that suggests some sort of professional planning), is costing £2.2 billion.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 27th November 2017, 6:21 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:12 am
Road markings
Road markings

Is this really the best Amey and their subcontractors can do?

Please take a look at the photograph on the left showing the road markings painted on Rustlings Road recently.

Louise Wilcockson

by email

Why are they wasting cash?

In his letter dated November 14, Keith Elliott says that I did not respond to his previous letter in September.

That is wrong. I wrote a detailed reply, but the editor declined to print it, on the grounds that it was too long.I will try to keep this response shorter.

My letters have not been about 20mph speed limits in general, they have been objections to the city council’s intentions to introduce the 20mph limits on roads in the city centre, using initially, the fake fact that it would reduce pollution, and also , the possibly fake fact, that it would reduce the number of deaths on these roads.

I say possibly fake fact, because I am not certain of this, but I do not believe there have been any deaths on these roads during the last 12 months, and despite repeated requests for information, none has been forthcoming. If there have been no deaths on these roads, how can you cut that figure ?

Keith Elliott alleges that I have used inaccurate and incomplete arguments to make my case against council claims that reducing the speed limit to 20mph will reduce pollution and also road deaths.

He says that there is substantial evidence in research papers that confirm both of these assertions.

He then goes on to claim that, using these reports I assume, there will be a net reduction in pollution of 20 per cent. When were these reports published, April 1?

Reducing the speed limits on these roads to 20mph will increase fuel consumption, which in turn will increase pollution.

That is my statement, based on around a million miles of driving experience, throughout my lifetime, and the evidence of my in-car computer.

The onus should be on the council to prove their case, to show otherwise, before going ahead, and I don’t mean by quoting airy fairy figures from the internet, which incidentally, is the biggest source of fake facts in the world. Once again, I challenge the council to do so.

Keith Elliott then goes on to talk about research in Wales showing there would be a substantial decrease in road deaths, by cutting the speed limit, and the amount of money it would save the NHS.

What has Wales got to do with what the council are going to do in Sheffield?

Is he claiming that the 20mph limit will cut deaths on these roads, as the council, and the Green party have done?

I have said before that I cannot recall any deaths on these roads in the last 12 months.

That being the case, how can you cut deaths and the associated costs?

I stand by my statement, that I think it is a fake fact, about deaths on these roads, and once more I ask the council to provide the true figures, that can be checked, and analysed, if there is any analysis to be done.

Keith Elliott concludes by mentioning friends who have lost their lives in road accidents.

Well I’m sorry Keith, but unless you are saying that they were killed on the roads where the council are introducing the 20mph limit, they are not relevant to this particular situation.

The council keep saying that they are not able to do a number of things, due to government cuts.

If that is the case, why are they prepared to waste money on this project, that could cause more deaths, from greater pollution, and most likely, will not cut road deaths?

Answers please.

Mike Lawton


Hard-earned possessions

Will they ever learn leaving money and valuables in unoccupied buildings such as shops, churches, and community establishments?

Even though they are manned during the day, when closing the place, take your possessions and any other bits and pieces you can carry. That goes for vans and cars. In this day and age, someone somewhere will relieve you of your hard-earned possessions. Think on.

EB Warris

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Not my idea of Christmas

Are we supposed to be excited about the Coca Cola truck coming?

The last time i thought about it a lorry full of sugary drinks wasn’t what my thoughts on Christmas were.

Jayne Grayson

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Thank you High Green

I would like to thank everyone who voted in the High Green by-election.

An extra special thanks to those who voted for me. Be assured, I will continue to push for our share of the city council’s ever dwindling resources and help individuals and voluntary groups whenever I can.

I’d also like to publicly thank my fellow Labour City Councillors, who took the time to speak to High Greeners on their doorsteps.

They listened to problems, which were passed on to me and West Ecclesfield councillors to try and solve.

They also heard all the good things about living in High Green.

Despite the negativity of the opposition campaigns I believe High Greeners should be rightly proud of their area.

As I listened to Ecclesfield School, singing at Chapeltown Library’s 30th anniversary celebrations, I swelled with pride and felt honoured and humbled to represent East Ecclesfield Ward and this parish on the City Council.

Thanks again.

Andy Bainbridge

candidate in the recent by-election.

Kasabian’s anniversary

On December 10 it will the first anniversary of the death of Kasabian Newton-Smith after his long fight against cancer.

Already the emotions of a entire community are starting to weigh very heavy.

Could you please spare a few moments to read Kasabian’s incredible story and share it with some friends.

Or even pop your name down in support of #KASABIANSLAW or mention it to any possible people of influence who would be interested in his story.

The campaign has hit 1,000 signatures, and our goal is to reach 1,500.

Maybe you could think of my request as a random act of kindness in memory of Kasabian Newton-Smith.

Sign the petition here:

Lisa Andrews

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Despicable question

In the true story Despicable Me, just how do the Minnions’ overall straps stay up, because they have no shoulders?

Green Giant

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