Their behaviour does not reflect concern

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I AM concerned over the Government decision to cancel an £8m grant to help support the building of 1,000 homes in Scowerdons, Weaklands, and Newstead Estates in the Frecheville and Hackenthorpe areas.

Some of the rebuild was to replace former Vic Hallam prefab-type homes which are in a serious condition, plus much-needed affordable rented accommodation. This is part of a huge cut, affecting Park Hill, and Arbourthorne, on top of cuts to services.

This Government has delivered two body blows to Sheffield with all the vindictiveness of Mrs Thatcher. First was the outright refusal to help Forgemasters secure a loan for future development. If Mrs Thatcher is still compos mentis she would be proud of Cameron and Clegg for sticking in the knife.

In light of recent events the Government is going to have to be careful in the way it proceeds. No government, irrespective of its political complexion, can continue to govern unless enough of the electorate tolerate their policies. Cameron speaks of a broken Britain, the behaviour of his government doesn’t reflect the concern. The power and wealth in the hands of the rich in Britain is a poor advert for our democracy.

Ken Curran, Birley Labour Party