Theatrical first at Doncaster Brewery

Drama will be on tap at Doncaster Brewery later this month, when local thespians give a sneak peek of their latest production.

The Upper Room at Doncaster Brewery & Tap will become a miniature theatre on January 27, to give the fascinating story behind the invention of rubber.

“We need to get more actors on board,” said Doncaster writer and composer Hollie Morrell, “but for now we want to just give the audience a taste of the show.”

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Boris - the Musical, composed by Hollie, was at Cast last summer, and within that show, actress Liz Kearney was described as “scarily accurate” in her portrayal of Michael Gove.

This production, directed by Kearney, is based on the true story of an inventor who becomes a little too obsessed with his work. “It’s not as slapstick as Boris”, said Hollie, “but it’s still laced with gentle humour. We like to break the fourth wall”.

Charles Goodyear is associated with the tyre company named in his honour, but actually he discovered the vulcanisation process. His life’s work turned the sticky sludge of natural rubber into a product that has revolutionised industries around the world.

Through theatre, humour, and song, “The Black Stuff” tells the story of how a bankrupt button-maker became one of the most important inventors of all time - and the terrible price he paid.

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“The real strength of this show is the music”, said Liz, “so we’re going to perform the songs, with a bit of the narrative arc”.

The showing is on January 27 at 7.30pm. Entry is free, and audience members are invited to give feedback. To guarantee a place, RSVP