Theatre group performers take to stage

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A NEW Sheffield theatre company which is taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe festival this August is holding a rehearsal event in the city.

Somebody’s Theatre is holding its second Skratch Live event at West Street Live giving local artists the chance to perform their work in public.

A previous event gave improvisation troupes, singers, songwriters, poets and script readers the opportunity to show off their talents.

The next event is on Monday, June 11, and the aim is for the artists to get feedback so they can improve their performances in time for Edinburgh.

Among those performing are a singer, songwriter, stand up comedian, artist and members of a fellow theatre company.

Emma Beverley of Somebody’s Theatre, said: “We aren’t a sponsored company, we can barely afford tea and coffee at meetings, and we’re trying desperately to get as much of our set, costumes and props for free as possible.

“Because of this, printing flyers etc isn’t really an option for us. So I’m hoping other local artists and publishers will be willing to give us a hand.

The company also has a host of other events planned for later in the summer including drama workshops for schools and businesses.