‘The young are making a difference for their future’: Sheffielders divided on climate change protests

Many Sheffielders supported the national protest for action on climate change in which thousands of local schoolchildren took the day off school to march through the streets.

Scientists have proven we will see significant effects of global warming in the next 12 years meanwhile, Sheffield City Council recently declared a ‘climate emergency’.

In light of this, about 500 Sheffield schoolchildren took to the streets last Friday to urge the government and private companies to take more action to reduce carbon emissions.

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Star readers also took to the comments section to have their say. Many praised the pupils but some criticised them for taking time off studying.

Dean Dickinson said: “I wonder how many would actually do this in their own time, weekend, school holidays?”

Anna Hodges posted: “I’m so glad my daughter’s school didn’t let the kids leave and go to this... let’s be honest most of them, if not all, would have just wanted a day off school, my daughter and her mates included.”

Patrick Baranowski commented: “The sheer amount of adults attacking kids for taking action because the government has allowed big corporations to rape the environment. Yes they are missing school but what's a education if we're all living in a mad Max style waste land which is exactly where we are heading.”

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Sandra Davies posted: “Tut tut. How dare they express an opinion to want to protect the world for themselves and future generations, instead of a day being in school learning about Henry VIII’s womanising and advanced maths they’ll never use.”

Tina Sampson said: “As a child I walked to school, my mum never drove me even in heavy rain, my children all walked to school and I was a member of CND. We marched to the City Hall and protested against nuclear weapons, this is another cause which is so valid. The young are the ones who need to make a difference now as they will inherit this mess.”