The worst healthcare

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Steve S8, What Rubbish, the headline to your letter published in the April 22 edition of the Star, was very appropriate indeed.

Do you really believe people will be dropping dead in the street for lack of care should David Cameron win a second term as prime minister?

In my email (April 3), I wrote: “People in America are dying due to a lack of medical care”. This does not mean the streets of New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles etc are scattered with dead bodies of people who can’t afford to pay for medical treatment.

If you sat and watched that Panorama documentary three years ago, and read Charlie Ellis’s reply letter (April 10) about his daughter’s experience as a medical manager of a clinic in the States, you would have learned something.

The US healthcare system is ranked the worst in the developed world, the NHS is the best compared to other prosperous countries.

If the Tories are re-elected on May 7, I hope you deserve everything you get.

Steve Goulding

Handsworth S13