The worst government

This Government is the worst in my lifetime of 84 years.

n They have wasted up to £69 million, on Europe Referendum, on propaganda leaflets and then printing and delivering of voting papers.

n The coal industry has been closed down, but we are still importing cheap coal produced with sweatshop labour.

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n Now they are in the process of closing down our steel industry by being reliant on China and India.

n They are ruining the NHS, attempting privatisation through the back door and imposing a contract that is a danger to patients. The junior doctors are intelligent people and are supported by 98 per cent of the public, but still Mr Hunt will not listen and is calling the BMA and the doctors irrational.

n Ordinary people are told by Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne that we are all in this together to rescue the economy in the middle of the tax avoidance scandal.

n The railways are being run by German companies .

n It is good we are receiving £6 million to repair the potholes, but we need £63m.

What a shambles they are making of this country.

Brian Gannon

Wordsworth Avenue, S5

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