The worst examples of bad parking in Sheffield in February - PICTURE GALLERY

We've all parked up in a hurry once in a while - but these shocking photos reveal some of Sheffield's worst examples of parking.

By Darren Burke, Digital Reporter
Monday, 11 February, 2019, 11:31
This motorist certainly seemed not to fancy some parallel parking.

Using two bays, crazy angles, parking on paths - here are his month's most shocking examples, supplied by @ParkinginSheff.

Double yellows aren't an issue for this BMW driver.
Parking on a corner? No problem for this driver!
Here's one way to block the path.
This driver looks like they have abandoned their vehicle.
This driver left their car in front of a traffic light - and on double yellow lines.
This BMW avoided the double yellow lines - by parking on the pavement.
A Range Rover driver in Sheffield - shamed as one of the city's worst parkers.
A few breaches of the Highway Code here!

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One opted for double yellows, the other for parking on the pavement.
Another Sheffield driver chances their luck parking on a corner
There might well have been a road crossing, but there was no stopping this driver.
One motoriist in Sheffield found the easiest way to get into a tight spot.
One driver found a space to park on double yellow lines
This van's parking left a lot to be desired.
These two cars were parked in a bus lane.
This driver went for a half-on, half-off approach in this leafy Sheffield street.