The threat posed by TTIP, the EU-US trade deal

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I am writing to spread information about the trade deal between the USA and Europe known as TTIP.

This deal has been hatched in a cloud of secrecy, vital to ensure the deal went through with the minimum fuss; fortunately the details got into the public domain and more than two million Europeans kicked up such a commotion that the date set for the debate in the EU (June 10) was hastily postponed.

So what’s wrong with TTIP?

This deal is constructed to give big businesses the power to sue our government if our laws, designed to protect us, get in the way of their profits.

It could also allow big corporations to buy up some of our most vital services like the NHS. That’s just not right.

MEPs still need to know that the public want TTIP scrapped and above all they need to feel public pressure through groups like 38 degrees and individual efforts.

We have, by good luck and coordinated effort succeeded in delaying the debate and I urge readers to consider the threat posed by TTIP as a matter requiring urgent action. It will be too late to complain once this trade deal is signed.

John Baker