The Star Says: Why we won’t publicise demo

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Sometimes The Star takes a decision not to publish information which we think could be seen to be not in the best interests of the local area.

This afternoon far right protestors from the South East Alliance group are marching through Rotherham.

Members of the group are among those taking part in a demonstration in the town centre against child abuse.


Dozens take part in demonstration in Rotherham

A post on the group’s Facebook page said they want to help get justice for the child sex abuse victims by demanding prosecutions.

We have decided not to pre-publicise the event as we believe the people and businesses of Rotherham don’t need this kind of divisive protest to highlight the issues.

South Yorkshire Police officers have been liaising with group leaders about the march and have agreed meeting points for demonstrators.

Our reporters are at the scene and will provide a full post-demonstration report, which will be available online and in Monday’s Star.