The Star Says: We are proud to make a difference

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We make no apology today for showing our readers just some of the ways The Star makes a difference to the community we serve.

This weekend marks the end of Local Newspaper Week, an annual initiative by the local newspaper industry and Local Media Works to highlight the important role played by local papers in communities across the UK.

There have been many examples over the past year of how The Star has led the way in standing up for the community.

The devastating Jay Report into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham found that victims had been treated with ‘contempt’ by police, and let down by those supposed to protect them. Since the report came out, The Star has told the stories of victims appallingly let down by the authorities in an attempt to keep up the pressure for justice to finally be done.

A campaign to create a new pedestrian crossing at the spot where Sheffield teenager Jasmyn Chan was killed in a hit and run was highlighted by The Star.

Work is now set to start in the crossing this summer – and campaigners hope it will be a lasting legacy to brave Jasmyn, who pushed her friend Tia Tucker out of the way of speeding driver Naseeb Ellahi’s car before she was hit.

We also highlighted shocking figures which showed how 471 drivers were caught speeding on the same road in the weeks after the 14-year-old was killed and urged people to slow down.

On a regular basis The Star’s Action Desk tackles the issues no-one else can – however big or small.

Over the years, it has sorted problems and won thousands of pounds in compensation for readers by holding organisations and firms to account.

Action Desk helps readers who have reached the end of their tether trying to sort out problems with scammers, faceless big business, local authorities and shops – big and small.

We are proud to highlight issues, demand accountability and fight for the truth on a daily basis for our readers.

Being a voice in our community and making a difference is extremely important to us.

Our total audience – in print and online – continues to grow and with that you can be certain that your newspaper will be at the forefront of bringing you all the latest developments as the fight for justice goes on.