THE STAR SAYS: Labour’s new leader should listen to South Yorkshire

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In just a few days, it will all be over.

The Labour leadership election is coming to a head, and a winner is due to be announced on Saturday after voting finishes on Thursday.

At times it has felt like the longest leadership race of all time - and along the way there have been surprise frontrunners, purges, debates and controversies to almost dwarf even those of the general election earlier this year.

South Yorkshire has a long history of shaping national politics and producing political leaders - particularly those from Labour.

The former Labour leader Ed Miliband, who stood down after the Conservative victory in May, remains a Doncaster MP while heavyweights such as former Home Secretary and new peer Lord David Blunkett cut their teeth in Sheffield Town Hall.

Another South Yorkshire MP, Caroline Flint who represents Don Valley, is also in the running to be deputy leader.

Many people in the city voted in Labour councillors and MPs this year - and when they didn’t you can guarantee they have a strong opinion on the party anyway.

You only have to look at The Star’s web comments to see that.

And so the new leader of the Labour party - whoever that may turn out to be on Saturday - could do worse than to listen to what the people of South Yorkshire reckon as they begin to lead the opposition, with one eye on the next election.

Over the next few days we will be asking people old and young, supporters both new and stalwart, what they think are the biggest challenges and priorities facing this new leader once they have been revealed.

Those challenges could be the refugee crisis which has dominated so many headlines nationally over recent weeks.

On page 13 today we follow up on a Sheffield project which is doing its little bit to help in the tragic situation.

Or perhaps you think an issue closer to home is of the utmost importance - such as the continuing Government austerity which is leading to more and more transport cuts like those revealed on page ten.

Whatever the priority is, and whoever you would like to see become the new Labour leader, we want to hear those views for a special feature later this week.

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