THE STAR SAYS: Jasmyn inspired true people power

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The impact of people power is never more evident than when displayed in a story like today’s front page.

For the new crossing on Normanton Road, Intake - while it may have been installed and paid for by Sheffield Council - has come about solely as a result of determined community campaigning.

Residents in that area have long wanted improvements to the busy road where Jasmyn Chan was tragically killed in a hit and run collision almost 18 months ago and it is described as ‘notorious’ by some because of the number of injuries there.

In Jasmyn’s last moments the 14-year-old chose to do something utterly selfless, by pushing her friend out of the way of the oncoming car in a heart-breaking act of sacrifice.

Her bravery led to her being presented with a posthumous national award and crucially inspired the community to set up a petition with the aim of - finally - getting some action taken on that road by the authorities.

More than 12,000 people supported the call, and the council pledged to take action when the petition was handed in almost a year ago.

In the months since there have been some delays due to legalities but the campaigners never gave up on their dream and continued pushing forward.

Today the crossing is working and has been offically opened by Jasmyn’s brave parents, for whom even attending the scene must have been an ordeal too tough to imagine.

The ceremony yesterday was an emotional affair.

Relatives of Jasmyn and campaigners were moved to tears as the cutting of purple ribbons marked the opening of the crossing. The constant traffic going past only served as a reminder of how needed the facility is.

Balloons, many with touching messages written on them, were then released in nearby Richmond Park.

And as they soared up into the sky campaigners noticed jets crossing above, which they believed was a sign from Jasmyn.

That event, and the new crossing which could save many more lives in future, would never have happened without Jasmyn or those who took up the cause.

The popular Birley Community College student will never be forgotten by her many friends and family.

Now she will always be remembered by the community, and future generations, who use the crossing in her name too. Well done to all concerned in the campaign.