The Star Says: Celebrating our own place in Yorkshire

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Happy Yorkshire Day to all our readers. How will you be celebrating today?

In fact, will you be celebrating at all?

This far south in God’s own county just how Yorkshire do you feel?

It is an interesting question because although Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham constitute South Yorkshire there’s no doubt that what people imagine when they think of Yorkshire – dry stone walls, the rolling Dales and the wild Moors – are much further to the north.

Whether it is real or not the perception of many people is that our area is overlooked in favour of the West and North when profiling Yorkshire to the world.

This could just be a chip on the shoulder that we carry down here but there’s no doubt the idea of an elected Yorkshire Mayor received far greater support on the streets of Leeds than it did on the High Street in Sheffield.

Of course we should still be proud to be from Yorkshire.

Despite the rivalry which exists – mainly between Sheffield and Leeds on an economic scale – there is much to unite us.

After all, Yorkshire County Cricket Club, the finest cricket club in the world, was formed in Sheffield. That fact alone, and the current form of England’s Ashes star Joe Root, should be enough for the city to have the gratitude of every corner of the county.

Even if we aren’t at the top of people’s ‘what is Yorkshire to you?’ lists then things could be far, far worse.

We could be on the other side of the Pennines.

And if you think that’s just a cheap dig at Lancastrians then, apart from being right, it is also based on academic fact.

Alex Stockham, a former University of Sheffield masters student, has produced a documentary exploring how the Peaks’ hills affect the weather on either side of the Pennines.

By studying weather data from between 1981 and 2010 Alex proved we get 32 less rainy days than they do in Manchester and the Peak District.

So, consider today – hopefully in the sun – just how Yorkshire you feel.

Do you have an affinity with the sleepy villages of North Yorkshire or are the people of South Yorkshire unique? We’re not shy about telling people how wonderful Yorkshire is but we also feel our corner of this great county can stand on its own two feet now and into the future.