The Star saves the day

Do you know this family? One of the pictures found on the camera.
Do you know this family? One of the pictures found on the camera.
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‘The Star saved the day’ is how the cabbie who found an expensive lost camera in the back of his taxi has described our appeal to track down the family.

London taxi driver Sean Morgan found a £500 camera in his cab and used his detective skills to discover a member of the family wearing a Sheffield Wednesday coat, before contacting The Star to trace the family.

Paul Nicholson and wife Laura Nicholson, both aged 33, from Swinton, Rotherham, turned out to be the owners of the camera.

Paul said: “It’s brilliant. As soon as we realised it was lost we went back and tried to ask a few cabbies what the protocol was.

“We filled out a lost property form but there was a sense of ‘we’ll never see that again’.

“We were hoping to find it but we weren’t expecting it.

“It’s not just the value of it – there’s a lot of photos, and the ones we took on the trip were not backed up.

“You don’t expect that sort of honesty these days.”

Sean Morgan, 49, from Essex, has now been put in touch with the Nicholson family and is preparing to return the camera.

The couple had left the camera in the car after being taken from Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London with two of their children, Ben, nine, and Cole, three.

The trip was a few days away for Laura’s birthday.

Sean went back to the Tower of London as soon as he could, he was not able to find the couple because his next job took more than an hour.

He said he did not want to take it to lost property in Baker Street because they destroy any unclaimed memory cards after a period of time, which would have wiped the photos.

Sean said: “It’s fantastic news. I’m really happy I’ll be able to return the camera back to them.”

“It’s great that the local paper saves the day.”

The Star kicked off the appeal on social networking sites on Friday and within hours the couple were located – via thousands of shares and retweets as far as Australia and New York.