THE STAR OPINION: Why Sheffield city centre HS2 is the only option

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It’s been a year of battles in Sheffield; trees and buses being the the biggest.

But in 2016, a war will be won: the battle over the city’s High Speed Rail station’s location.

Artists impression of the HS2 station in Sheffield city centre

Artists impression of the HS2 station in Sheffield city centre


‘Time is running out’ on HS2 campaign

Ever since HS2 was first mooted, support has been divided between a city centre station and a station at Meadowhall.

The Star is throwing its weight behind a city centre station as the only option for the city, which is why we’ve launched our City Centre or Bust Campaign.

But don’t take our word for it. We’re aligning with the views of business experts across the city who have said in no uncertain terms that the city centre is the only way Sheffield City Region will feel the full benefit of the superfast line.

A total of 27 directors and senior executives representing 2,000 businesses, from white collar employers to football clubs say they fear the benefits of northern economic growth could be lost if the high speed station is not in the centre.

Simon Green, Sheffield Council’s HS2 expert, says chancellor George Osborne will make his decision in spring. His message is clear: ‘It’s time to wake up and back HS2 in the city centre’.

The key benefit of HS2 is that it will drive growth. People will want to live near to the station, and will be able to commute to jobs which they would have lived somewhere else for in the past.

Look at the numbers for the centre: 6,000 more jobs than a station at Meadowhall. An extra 1,000 homes. Even Rotherham and Barnsley will get more homes with a central station.

It’s not that anyone has a problem with Meadowhall. It’s a superb shopping centre and a true asset to our city which we can only hope will continue to go from strength to strength.

But decision makers need to do what is best for Sheffield City Region, and all the expertise is pointing to a city centre station.

We will do all we can to trumpet HS2 in the city centre, as we always fight to secure the best possible future for our city.

We need your help: join us in backing this campaign NOW. You can start by emailing and Mr Osborne on